POWER PUSH PARTS English GROM(JC61-1300001~)・MSX125SF

4-speed Close Ratio Mission Gear Set 


4-speed Close Ratio Mission Gear Set 

4-speed Close Ratio Mission Ge...

税込価格 26,400 円
対応車種 GROM・MSX125・MSX125SF
品番 02-04-0292

4-speed Close Ratio Mission Gear Set 


By using the parts of the stock 4-speed transmission.
Can be cross-ratio of at a low price is "4-speed cross mission gear set".
The power band of the engine can be used effectively and smooth.

Set contents
L. crankcase cover gasket , R. crankcase gasket , external circlip, spline washer.

Gear ratio

Stock Transmission
1st:2.500 2nd:1.550 3rd:1.150 4th:0.923

Close Ratio Mission Gear
1st:2.500 2nd:1.631 3rd:1.227 4th:1.083


If you use other than the stock sprocket (15T), there will be a discrepancy between the displays of the speedometer.
In order to fix this problem, it is necessary to purchase our speed sensor kit for stock speedometer.
For replacing the mission, it would be required the flywheel puller tool, lock nut wrench, rotor holder, etc. for GROM/MSX125.
Flywheel puller (for GROM/MSX125/Monkey125) 00-01-1671
Rotor holder 00-01-1001
Lock nut wrench 00-01-1681

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