POWER PUSH PARTS English GROM(JC61-1300001~)・MSX125SF

■Compact LED Thermometer Kit(Red)

This product can be install thermometer inside the handle clamp by using the billet handle bar clamp (comes with the compact LED thermometer kit).
The thermometer fits in without disturbing the speedometer, and the area around the handle is beautifully organized.
In addition, the kit comes with a sub-harness that does not require custom wiring and included drain bolt that allows you to attach the stick temperature sensor which you can easily install a thermometer.
The handle bar clamp is made by billet aluminum and color anodized.


Compact LED Thermometer Kit(Red)

Compact LED Thermometer Kit(Re...

税込価格 17,380 円
対応車種 CT125・Monkey125(JB02)・GROM・MSX125
品番 05-07-0011

Compact LED Thermometer Kit(Red)

Compact LED thermometer

Slim and lighter digital thermometer can be attached with Velcro.
Improved visibility with white LED digital display on the black meter panel.
Display range: 0 to 120 °
Can also be used as an outside temperature gauge.
Oil temperature measurement can be made by special drain bolt(included) with stick sensor.

Compact LED Thermometer Kit(Red)

A drain bolt(Red) is attached for thermometer Kit.

Since a stick temperature sensor can be attached to the drain bolt, it is possible to measure the temperature at the drain bolt by connecting it to a compact LED thermometer.
It also has a wire lock hole that can be used to lock the wire to prevent it from falling off.
Furthermore, our drain bolt has a built-in magnet that attracts iron powder mixed with engine oil with a strong magnetic force.
Magnet is firmly fixed by "caulking",(not by adhesive) so there is no worry of it coming off.


When you use a racing plug, after-market plug cap or high-performance plug wire other than genuine or our products, it may become unstable due to electrical noise.
Not a good idea to install aftermarket H.I.D kits, LED headlights or fog lamps made by other companies at the same time.
Some ballasts /voltage converters generate high-voltage noise that adversely affects digital circuits, causing product failure or malfunction.
Do not install the headlight ON/OFF switch and the external ignition device at the same time.

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